For some reason, many people like to be terrified out of their minds. Maybe it’s an adrenaline rush? Or they just plain enjoy having the pants scared off of them. Whatever the reason, monster movies frequently top the charts around Halloween; not slasher films, monster fests. Sometimes the monsters are super convincing (think Jaws or Alien), and other times a little less so (think Cowboys and Dinosaurs). Well, for whatever reason you like to watch monster films, here is a short collection of 17 of the best monster movies (or movies featuring monstrous creatures!) of all time, and in no particular order.

  1. Monsters Inc.


This is one of Pixar’s earlier films, but still quite a fantastic piece of work. You may not think “monster movie” and immediately think of Monster’s Inc., but this is a great monster film for the whole family. This movie features every type of monster you could want: terrifying, sneaky, creepy, crawly, and even comedic. This film addresses that age old fear of “what’s under the bed?” or “what’s in the closet?”

  1. Swamp Thing


This is a throwback to the 80s; Swamp Thing is actually a character from the DC universe. This guy is like the Spiderman of the swamp. The creature came from a scientist named Alec Holland who was experimenting late one night and due to an explosive accident, gained control over plant life. The Swamp Thing’s ultimate goal is to save some wetlands near his home from two different organizations; and of course, there is a gorgeous woman whom the Swamp Thing desires.

  1. Basket Case


Another throwback to the 80s (the Golden Age of monster movies), this film features a deeply disturbing plot. Twins who were once conjoined but then separated against their will, decide to hunt down the doctor who performed the original surgery and seek vengeance. One twin came out relatively normally, while the other, due to the nature of the separation, is “basket bound” and lives as a vestigial creature in a basket.