1. The Mummy


No, not the Brendan Fraser film; although that one is definitely a fantastic display of late 90s computer generated monsters and a really great remake of this Mummy film. This one is from the dark ages, aka, the black and white era of film. But, this is the original and gave birth to the genre of muslin-wrapped mummies from the dead coming to seek out vengeance, and in this case, love. And it is an excellent study in pre-CGI special effects as well.

  1. Poltergeist


More horror than monster, Poltergeist comes to us from the master of terror: Steven Spielberg. This film focuses on evil ghosts who invade a suburban home and kidnap a family’s youngest daughter. It turns out that the neighborhood in which the family lives was built atop an old graveyard and the restless spirits are none too pleased. “The Poltergeist franchise is believed by some to be cursed due to the premature deaths of several people associated with the film.”

  1. The Wolf Man


This film is a love story turned tragedy. A young man goes home to Wales to reconcile with his father. While there he meets a young woman who owns and operates an antique store. Rumors and tales of men who become wolves “at certain times of the year” permeate the local mythos. This man is attacked by a wolf and becomes the new werewolf stalking the village and its people. It ends tragically but the werewolf of this film becomes the film industry standard for future werewolves.

  1. Trollhunter


This is a fairly recent addition to the monster genre. Made in 2010, it follows a group of young college students through the Norwegian countryside as they investigate bear poaching. Then they uncover a conspiracy to keep the existence of trolls a secret. The film is shot in a mockumentary style using “found footage” as the students accompany a troll hunter on his excursions to flush out and destroy trolls.