1. The Lord of the Rings


Not really a “monster” movie, but to diversify our list a little, the Lord of the Rings films certainly feature thousands and thousands of monstrous creatures. This is a fantasy/adventure genre film but if you have ever seen the orcs and other dark creatures, you would agree that they are fantastically monstrous and horrifying. The filmmakers took full advantage of CGI and the best makeup artists in the industry to create orcs, Balrogs, wargs, nazguls, and legions of other monsters. The film is heavy on storyline, gorgeous cinematography, and stunning performances by many lesser- or unknown actors. The trilogy featured one of the only instances in cinema history in which a sequel was nominated for an Oscar.

  1. Predator


The golden age of Schwarzenegger, this film features the man as the leader of a special forces unit on their way to save hostages in Central America. The plot is somewhat “thin” as the film focuses mostly on the special effects of an almost invisible monster (an extraterrestrial lifeform) stalking the special forces unit.

  1. Q: The Winged Serpent  

Q The Winged Serpent

The Winged Serpent is an winged, dragon-like monster that takes over the Chrysler Building in New York. It ventures forth in broad daylight to devour helpless New Yorkers. The story follows two detectives as they struggle to find who is responsible for a series of murders linked to Aztec cult rituals. The film ends on a cliffhanger, preparing for a sequel that unfortunately, was never made.