Horror film fans are gearing up to see some of their favorite come back to the movie screen once again. Some new horrific faces will be making their unforgettable debut next year. Take a look at the 17 horror movies that will be arriving next year.

  1. Friday the 13th – January 13, 2017 debut


Just when you thought camp is over forever, Jason Voorhees brings everything back to life. He will break onto the movie screen once again wearing the trademark mask and machete.

  1. It – September 8, 2017 debut


There have been a few production bumps in the road in bringing Pennywise back to life. At the present time, the production team is working on casting issues and giving the nightmare clown a scary makeover.

  1. Flatliners – 2017 debut


Although the original film states that ‘some lines shouldn’t be crossed’ the production crew thinks otherwise. Nina Dobrev and Ellen Page will assume the lead roles. Other details of the movie debut are still in discussion.