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Month / October 2014

Harry Potter Returns on Halloween

Calling all Harry Potter fans! The book-series and movies may have ended years ago, but author J.K. Rowling hasn’t released us from her grasp just yet. She keeps dropping little anecdotes here and there to keep us interested. In the past she has given us small short stories to keep the tale alive, including one […]

New York Comic Con Music Video

New York Comic Con may have passed, but thanks to Beat Down Boogie, vivid memories of incredibly cool, life-like cosplay live on. Now even fans who were not able to attend the event can witness the wonder and fantasy that cosplay brought to the October 9-12 convention. Dive right into the experience and watch this […]

Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 3 Recap

This episode of the Walking Dead opens up with a scene showing the cannibals trying to convince Bob to join their group, however, jokes on them—Bob has been bitten and is therefore tainted. During this episode we also find out the reverend’s big secret. He refused to open up the church for a group of […]

Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 2 Recap

The walking dead was intense this week. Episode 2 opens with Rick and Carol reconciling, after Carol murdered all the sick people back at the prison. While hiding in the woods they come across a minister surrounded by Walkers/Zombies screaming for help. They follow the minister back to his church where he’s been hiding by himself. […]

18 Spooky Halloween Decorations on Etsy

Etsy is an international hub for all things—literally, you can find almost anything you want in their archives. So maybe you are already familiar with the site. Most likely you have used it to meet your gift, tech gear, and household needs. Maybe even jewelry and clothing (if you are a lady). Did you know […]

Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 1 Recap

Warning: contains spoilers. Season four of the Walking Dead left us with part of the gang captured by a group of cannibals at Terminus, while Carol and Tyreese are still at large. They find a Terminus member and over hear that Rick and the others have been taken prisoner. Carol takes things into her own […]

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