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Month / May 2015

The Fantastic Four: Reborn

Ten years ago, during the initial boom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (their ‘big-bang,’ so to speak), we met a group of astronauts who, after a deadly dose of cosmic radiation, became a merry band of superheroes. The Fantastic Four was born. While it wasn’t necessarily a great movie, even by superhero standards, it was […]

When Robots Rule the Bedroom

The Robot Revolution is coming, sooner than we think. The rise of robots produces many  moral and ethical questions for humanity, including the growing economic concerns of them taking our jobs, and how Artificial Intelligence will redefine the meaning of life. The coming singularity has been a popular theme for entertainment in the past 30 […]

Apple Watch: To buy, or not to buy?

Back in January of 2007, the late Steve Jobs wowed the world by announcing the first ever “smartphone,” simply titled the iPhone. It would have a wide touchscreen and be full of apps and allow the user to use their mobile device as so much more than a phone; it would be a miniature computer. […]

Star Wars: Rogue One, Revealed

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Or, more accurately, late April, at the Star Wars celebration in Anaheim, CA. That’s where the news was first released that we can expect not one, but TWO full, authentic, live action Star Wars movies in the coming year. Star Wars: Rogue One has been revealed. Yes, […]