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Month / June 2015

Walking Dead: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Fans

No one knows if the real zombie apocalypse is in our future– only time will tell. If it does come anytime soon however, thanks to AMC’s The Walking Dead, fans from all over the world will be much more prepared for what’s to come, and somehow that makes us feel a little bit more comfortable with our […]

Suicide Squad: First Look at Jared Leto

Some of the best characters have come to life, or at least from what we can tell in the circling online spoilers for the much-anticipated Suicide Squad. It appears that the film is really beginning to take shape, and from the looks of it, our favorite actors have quite the competition going in the categories […]

10 Games that Punish you for Playing on Easy

Perhaps the main enjoyment of any game is the accomplished feeling you experience once you’ve finally overcome all the obstacles required of you. For more seasoned game players, the higher difficulty setting they can topple, the more accomplished they feel. However, some people are either not so great at games or prefer a more casual […]

Batman’s Epic Six-Handed Batsuit

All true Batman fans can recognize one thing for sure: Batman is set apart from other superheroes by his iconic technology and gadgets. Throwing stars, collapsible swords, electromagnets, and the bat-mobile are just a few of the check mainstays that have helped build up Batman’s repertoire over the years. The real excitement, however, comes from […]