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Month / December 2015

Giant Sea Squid

Release the Kraken! Japanese Scientists captured video footage of this Giant Squid in Japan’s Toyama Bay. In an incredible chance encounter they captured this footage of 13 foot long sea beast that also measured close to 3 feet in diameter. It is believed however that they can grow to be as big as 43 feet. That’s […]

How To Build Your Own High-Tech Gaming Table

For decades now, gathering around a game table and busting out the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons or the latest popular table-top game of the moment has been a rite of passage for gamers and hobby enthusiasts around the world. And once you’ve gotten a taste for table-top and role-playing gaming, you will notice […]

The Best Nerf Weapons For Your Next Battle

If you’ve never had a Nerf battle with your friends and family, you are missing out. Nerf toys are a safe and fun way to engage in all out warfare, and something about the brand has endured for decades now. Nerf weapons are usually very well crafted and high quality compared to other toys, have […]

Top 20 List: Best Graphic Novels

When computers were in their adolescent years, people speculated that the end of printed paper was near. Well, here we are – 16 years into the 21st century. Printed paper is far from dead. Sure, we are in the digital age and computers are used just as much as paper, if not more. As responsive […]

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular television programs in the last few years. With amazing character development, true horror moments, and a tense tone, the show is one of the most original series on television right now. For die-hard fans, however, the rich atmosphere of the show make them thirsty for […]