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Month / March 2016

The Horrifying Truth Behind Pokemon

When you think of Pokemon, your first reaction is usually not one of fear. But as it just so happens, some of the more interesting Pokemon were based off of some pretty terrifying mythology/folklore. Here is a few Pokemon that make it to the top of the list of The Horrifying Truth Behind Pokemon At […]

The Ultimate List of Mortal Combat Fatalities

Mortal Kombat X has become a surprising comeback for the franchise, after the last few installments failed to gain a large following, both casually and competitively. With an awesome cast, tight gameplay, and fatalities that take the insane violence of the Mortal Kombat series to the next level, this game has everything the fan base […]

Hayao Miyazaki Theme Park

Hayao Miyazaki, the famous movie maker who brought us films like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle is finally up to get his own theme park that mirrors his fantastic fantasy visions just as much of the movies. First, a little bit about Hayao Miyazki. Hayao Miyazaki Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese film director, screenwriter, […]