So you want to build an aquaponics system in your own home, but you don’t know how? Well we are here to help. Aquaponics systems are great for anyone that is environmentally conscious, for the person that wants to raise high-quality plants and fish on their own, or just for the person who wants to show off their very own aquaponics system! No matter your reason, this article can help you get your own system going in no time.

If you are just stumbling across this page by chance, let’s talk briefly about what an aquaponics system is and what it does. Aquaponics refers to any system that is engaged in both raising fish (or other aquatic animals) while also raising plants. Importantly, though, this differs from aquaculture because it is a closed system where toxins are filtered out and recycled. In this system, waste from the fish is used by plants for nutrition, and byproducts from the plants are then used to feed the fish. This cycle continues, everything grows, and then the final products can be harvested. As you can see, this kind of closed system is extremely sustainable and works to limit the amount of waste as much as possible.

But why should you build your own aquaponics system? Well, first off, buying a professionally built or commercial aquaponics system can be extremely expensive. Because these kinds of organic and environmentally conscious tools are en vogue right now, many of these products can run you several hundred dollars. Additionally, making your own system can be a really enjoyable process, and it does not cost very much at all. In fact, it’s possible to build a completely functional aquaponics system for less than one hundred dollars! Finally, you should build your own aquaponics system because it will provide you with a great, healthy source of food and fun if you so wish.

Now it’s time to actually talk about how to build one of these aquaponics systems in your own home. There are two types of simple aquaponics systems that you can make: a plastic shelf system or a barrel system.

First, let’s go over how to set up the plastic shelf system. First, of course, you will need to set up your plastic shelves. You will want to use shelves that have at least three or four layers. Next, set up your fish tank on the bottom level of the shelves. After you have done this, start assembling your hydroponics and pumping systems. These will make sure that the waste is broken down appropriately, and will bring the water up to the top of your shelves.

With this done, you should add your rocks. Make sure to use the appropriate kinds of growing rocks as not just any will work. Consider using clay pebbles. These will serve as the soil for your plants, and this is conveniently the next step. Now you need to buy and plant the plants you want to grow in the system. Consider doing some extra research to ensure what you want to grow will do well in an aquaponics system. The last two steps are pretty simple too – just add your fish and turn the system on. You’ve done it! You now have your own aquaponics system that you’ve built from scratch on your own! Congratulations!

If want to make a barrel system, however, there are a few other, different steps. For this, you will want at least two garden barrels. In one you will want to cut a rectangular hole across the length of the barrel. Fill it with water and your fish, and place this barrel at the bottom of the system. The other barrel will also need to be cut, but you can just slice it down the middle and place each half on its curved side. Install your pumping and hydroponics systems now. Then, fill these barrels with the grow rocks and plant your plants in them. Now the water will drain through the drainage system directly into the fish barrel at the bottom.

That’s it! Wasn’t the simple? While commercial systems might be expensive, complicated, and require a lot of maintenance, you can actually build a simple system on your own for a small price. For more detailed instructions on how to build these systems and others, you can go to this link. And with that, you can kick back and harvest the bounty from your new aquaponics system!