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18 Spooky Halloween Decorations on Etsy

Etsy is an international hub for all things—literally, you can find almost anything you want in their archives. So maybe you are already familiar with the site. Most likely you have used it to meet your gift, tech gear, and household needs. Maybe even jewelry and clothing (if you are a lady). Did you know […]

Nailed It: Celebrity Photo Remakes

Shoutout to a guy who sure as hell knows how to entertain. Waverider_ on Instagram is a god when it comes to recreating your favorite celebrity photos, with a whole lot of humor. We can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort goes into these photos. Enjoy!

20 Nerdy Gamer Plates That Will Make You LOL

License plates might be the only communication medium more difficult than Twitter, when it comes to that impossible character limit. Impossible is an obvious exaggeration, as the millions of people on Twitter (and with customized plates) have attested to the fact that being terse, and to-the-point isn’t difficult for those with the advanced mind—or even those without minds […]

7 Playful Tattoos People Actually Have

These days, tattoo popularity is at an all-time high, especially among younger generations. The process of tattooing has become a widely accepted,  much-appreciated art form all across the world. Regardless of whether you have subscribed to the ever-growing trend, you have to admit that people have become pretty creative with their body art. Take a […]

Balloon Art: 13 Incredible Creations

The days of funny hats, swords, and dogs are long gone in the world of today’s balloon creations. Balloon artists have sure taken it up five notches– setting the bar high with life-sized characters from all of your favorite forms of entertainment. Here are 13 balloon art formations that probably exceed anything you brought home from […]