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A New Spawn Movie?

In an age of happy and mostly postive super hero movies. Todd McFarlane is dreaming of Spawn redo. If you don’t remember there was a Spawn Movie that came out in the 90’s that was kinda campy compared to the dark and edgy comic book. Even the HBO animated series failed to deliver. But Todd […]

Top 20 List: Best Graphic Novels

When computers were in their adolescent years, people speculated that the end of printed paper was near. Well, here we are – 16 years into the 21st century. Printed paper is far from dead. Sure, we are in the digital age and computers are used just as much as paper, if not more. As responsive […]

Steam Punk Reading List

Steam punk is a genre that may not be that well known in popular culture, but that is extremely influential to the state science fiction, and fantasy has taken today. For those readers out there who pride themselves on being in the know when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy, it is imperative that you […]

21 Books All Cyberpunk Fans Need to Read

The cyberpunk movement is a futuristic genre of science fiction. Several themes are found underlying the brand such as evil megacorporations, prevalence in advanced technology, and a substandard of living by the majority of society. Defining “cyberpunk” pushes memories of Final Fantasy VII from back in the days of the first PlayStation gaming console. Where […]

Suicide Squad: First Look at Jared Leto

Some of the best characters have come to life, or at least from what we can tell in the circling online spoilers for the much-anticipated Suicide Squad. It appears that the film is really beginning to take shape, and from the looks of it, our favorite actors have quite the competition going in the categories […]

The Fantastic Four: Reborn

Ten years ago, during the initial boom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (their ‘big-bang,’ so to speak), we met a group of astronauts who, after a deadly dose of cosmic radiation, became a merry band of superheroes. The Fantastic Four was born. While it wasn’t necessarily a great movie, even by superhero standards, it was […]

New York Comic Con Music Video

New York Comic Con may have passed, but thanks to Beat Down Boogie, vivid memories of incredibly cool, life-like cosplay live on. Now even fans who were not able to attend the event can witness the wonder and fantasy that cosplay brought to the October 9-12 convention. Dive right into the experience and watch this […]