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The Horrifying Truth Behind Pokemon

When you think of Pokemon, your first reaction is usually not one of fear. But as it just so happens, some of the more interesting Pokemon were based off of some pretty terrifying mythology/folklore. Here is a few Pokemon that make it to the top of the list of The Horrifying Truth Behind Pokemon At […]

The Ultimate List of Mortal Combat Fatalities

Mortal Kombat X has become a surprising comeback for the franchise, after the last few installments failed to gain a large following, both casually and competitively. With an awesome cast, tight gameplay, and fatalities that take the insane violence of the Mortal Kombat series to the next level, this game has everything the fan base […]

10 Family Board Games for The Video Game Era

Whatever happened to family board game night? We all like to claim that we love board games, but when’s the last time you sat down and played a full game with your family? For better or worse, these days family entertainment is all about T.V.’s and iPads, with board games getting set aside for video […]

How To Build Your Own High-Tech Gaming Table

For decades now, gathering around a game table and busting out the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons or the latest popular table-top game of the moment has been a rite of passage for gamers and hobby enthusiasts around the world. And once you’ve gotten a taste for table-top and role-playing gaming, you will notice […]

The Best Nerf Weapons For Your Next Battle

If you’ve never had a Nerf battle with your friends and family, you are missing out. Nerf toys are a safe and fun way to engage in all out warfare, and something about the brand has endured for decades now. Nerf weapons are usually very well crafted and high quality compared to other toys, have […]

10 Games that Punish you for Playing on Easy

Perhaps the main enjoyment of any game is the accomplished feeling you experience once you’ve finally overcome all the obstacles required of you. For more seasoned game players, the higher difficulty setting they can topple, the more accomplished they feel. However, some people are either not so great at games or prefer a more casual […]

#HunttheTruth Halo 5 Trailers Unveiled

Back in 2001, the brand new gaming platform known as the Xbox was unleashed. Created by Microsoft, this was going to be the next step in console gaming, competing with such heavy hitters as the Sony Playstation and Nintendo. While a new platform was not necessarily big news, what came with it would be. Halo: […]

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