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Bobba Fett Inspired Motorcycle Helmet

Do you want to look like your favorite galactic bounty hunter while riding your motorcycle around town. Well now you can. With HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett helmet. Made to look like the the helmet of the badest bounty hunter in the known galaxy. It’s carbon fiber shell is combined with fiberglass, and special […]

Star Wars Vehicles

The Star Wars universe is made up of diverse and eclectic groups. There are backstories for everything in the universe. The vehicles that make up Star Wars are wonderful to explore, especially with new movies coming out in the near future. This post provides an overview of the vehicles of Star Wars, and there are […]

Zombie Fortification Cabin

Have you ever wondered what it takes to fend off hordes of the undead? Well, look no further than this awesome Zombie Fortification Cabin. If you ever wanted to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you’ll never be more prepared than an entire kit that was designed from the ground up so that you can […]

Giant Sea Squid

Release the Kraken! Japanese Scientists captured video footage of this Giant Squid in Japan’s Toyama Bay. In an incredible chance encounter they captured this footage of 13 foot long sea beast that also measured close to 3 feet in diameter. It is believed however that they can grow to be as big as 43 feet. That’s […]

How To Build Your Own High-Tech Gaming Table

For decades now, gathering around a game table and busting out the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons or the latest popular table-top game of the moment has been a rite of passage for gamers and hobby enthusiasts around the world. And once you’ve gotten a taste for table-top and role-playing gaming, you will notice […]

The Fastest Ships in the Universe!!

Have you ever wondered what the fastest ships in the universe were? We did, and we put together a list of the fastest vessels in the universe – in order of speed. Naked put to rest all those arguments you had as a kid about which is faster – the Death Star from Star Wars […]

10 Products Every Computer Geek should Own

When you are an absolute geek when it comes to computer and technology, it becomes tempting to buy every new cool piece of tech and merchandising you see. Unfortunately, doing so can get rather tough on the wallet. Being informed about which products are true “must-haves” can help you save a lot of money while […]

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