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Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular television programs in the last few years. With amazing character development, true horror moments, and a tense tone, the show is one of the most original series on television right now. For die-hard fans, however, the rich atmosphere of the show make them thirsty for […]

Suicide Squad: First Look at Jared Leto

Some of the best characters have come to life, or at least from what we can tell in the circling online spoilers for the much-anticipated Suicide Squad. It appears that the film is really beginning to take shape, and from the looks of it, our favorite actors have quite the competition going in the categories […]

Batman’s Epic Six-Handed Batsuit

All true Batman fans can recognize one thing for sure: Batman is set apart from other superheroes by his iconic technology and gadgets. Throwing stars, collapsible swords, electromagnets, and the bat-mobile are just a few of the check mainstays that have helped build up Batman’s repertoire over the years. The real excitement, however, comes from […]

The Fantastic Four: Reborn

Ten years ago, during the initial boom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (their ‘big-bang,’ so to speak), we met a group of astronauts who, after a deadly dose of cosmic radiation, became a merry band of superheroes. The Fantastic Four was born. While it wasn’t necessarily a great movie, even by superhero standards, it was […]

Pixels The Movie: What if Pac Man was Real?

Ever wonder why the world loves video games so much? Maybe because it allows us to escape from the real world and enter a virtual reality where we can control the outcome? For several years, commentators and analysts have stated that playing video games has somewhat of an addictive nature because it provides a sense […]

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