For decades now, gathering around a game table and busting out the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons or the latest popular table-top game of the moment has been a rite of passage for gamers and hobby enthusiasts around the world. And once you’ve gotten a taste for table-top and role-playing gaming, you will notice that you are constantly looking for the perfect table space to play on. Look no further: in this guide, we will share some thoughts on creating your own dedicated high-tech gaming table, and share some plans for a potential table build.

Why Build Your Own Gaming Table?


If you play enough table-top games, the answer to this question is abundantly obvious. By building your own table space, you can decide exactly how much room you will have for your favorite games, and design all of the fun storage and layout elements that you wish your dining room table could offer.


Plus, building your own gaming table is a lot cheaper than you might think. This guide focuses around a high-tech build that can be completed for about $250, as well as a low-tech version that can be completed for just around $150. That’s less than you would spend on some popular games, and a lot less than you’d spend on a deluxe pre-built gaming table.

Considerations For Building Your Own Gaming Table

Don’t worry: by the end of this guide, we will share some real plans that you can use to build your own gaming table. But before you jump into the construction process, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

● Safety. If you don’t have experience using power tools, make sure that you are closely supervised whenever you use them, or have a friend with experience operate the more dangerous tools. Additionally, make sure that the material you are building with doesn’t splinter easily, and that you don’t leave any nails or wires exposed.
● Design. How much space do you need for your gaming table? What kind of storage do you need? The plans at the end of this guide are only one option: you can research larger tables with more storage space if you need a design to accommodate different uses. Look for a design that matches your uses, or you won’t utilize your gaming table as often.
● Bells and Whistles. The design we are about to share is pretty cool in the “extra” features department, incorporating wiring for a built in table-top LCD T.V. for use in some games. You don’t need to include a full on T.V. in your table if you are trying to save, but think about what kinds of bells and whistles you DO want to spring for. The more you spend, the cooler your table will probably turn out.

How To Build a High-Tech Gaming Table

The table design shared below was originally developed by gamer Bum Kim, and you can start with these plans and modify them as you see fit to build the perfect table for you. Here are the steps you will need to follow to replicate Bum Kim’s awesome high-tech gaming table.

  1. Gather Supplies

With his original design, Kim released a full product list to let you know what you will need to purchase to replicate his table. Make sure to follow this supply list as closely as possible, and ask your local hardware store or lumber yard for suitable replacements if you can’t find anything on this list. If you don’t have some of the wood treatment products on hand that Kim used, your supplies will cost more, but should still be reasonable.

  1. Consult the Master Plan

Here is a hand-drawn illustration of what Kim was intending for his final table to look like. By consulting this design, you can see how each item from your supply list will fit together, and you can get an idea of what your finished table will look like. If you don’t have too much experience reading construction plans like this, don’t worry. Use this illustration to orient yourself and get an idea of what your final product will look like, and read on to the next step for more explanations.

  1. Watch Kim’s DIY Video

Luckily for gamers with little or no construction experience, Kim created a very easy to follow, step-by-step video to create his high-tech table. This video is almost an hour long, so don’t worry about watching it all in one sitting. Just follow along as you build, and you will see that Kim has made it very easy to build his design, even for amateurs.

SAFETY NOTES: One thing to note is that in his instructional video, Bum Kim doesn’t wear protective eyewear and doesn’t have the best safety practices around nails. Make sure to wear the right protective eyewear, wear protective gloves, and pay attention to all safety concerns as you build. Have fun!