In an age of happy and mostly postive super hero movies. Todd McFarlane is dreaming of Spawn redo.
If you don’t remember there was a Spawn Movie that came out in the 90’s that was kinda campy compared to the
dark and edgy comic book. Even the HBO animated series failed to deliver. But Todd is hoping to change all that.

With the increase of popularity of horror films, McFarlane forsee’s a niche were Spawn’s dark character will fit right in.
He’s not going for the average comic book movie goer that DC and Marvel are after. He’s looking to get after the fans of
Saw, The Conjuring and other dark and twisted movies.

The movie is slowly moving forward, and the main issue are keeping the story and budget tight so he can make the movie he wants to make and direct. He claims to only need $10 Million to make the movie, I wonder why he just doesn’t self finance or do a kickstarter.

I’m pretty sure he could get 1 Million fans to pitch in $10 dollars each.