The Star Wars universe is made up of diverse and eclectic groups. There are backstories for everything in the universe. The vehicles that make up Star Wars are wonderful to explore, especially with new movies coming out in the near future. This post provides an overview of the vehicles of Star Wars, and there are plenty to talk about. Let’s get started.

  • AT-AT Walker

Empire strikes back Imperial AT AT Walker2

These giant machines could cover lots of ground and deal out tons of damage. They were perfect for striking fear into anything in its path. The design is similar to a rhinoceros, but the tall legs made it vulnerable.

  • A-Wing Fighter

A-Wing Fighter

The design makes it excellent for speeding around. It does have cannons on the side and was upgraded to improve engaging with the enemy. The A-Wings have the capability to open their wings to engage the TIE Fights.

  • Amphiobion


A marine vessel used by the Empire. It operates like a hovercraft, and can haul an enormous amount of troops. It has only a gun-turret for its defense.

  • B-Wing Fighter

B-Wing Fighter

This fighter has a unique design that is difficult to maneuver. It is a large ship that appears only to go forward.

  • Chariot LAV

Chariot LAV

It is a modified land speeder not used for combat purposes. Used to protect command personnel. It is highly-armored and can move quickly.

  • Cloakshape Fighter

Cloakshape Fighter

The fighter is an atmospheric fighter. It was built more for durability than anything else. It is easy to upgrade to protect the pilots.

  • Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter

Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter

Also known as the TIE Advanced x1, it is faster, more agile, and greater firepower. The shape is more intimidating to the enemy than the old TIE Fighters, due to the menacing shape.


  • Death Star

Death Star

The original Death Star was an icon, could destroy entire planets, and a symbol of the Dark Side. Its moon-like structure could easily fit in around any planet. The lack of lighting on the outside is proof how sinister the vessel is.

  • Desert Skiff

Desert Skiff

Excellent vehicle for traversing across deserts or sand. It is easy enough to fly that anyone could do it. It is used as a transport vehicle and not ideal for battle. It is an excellent vehicle if you want to take it to visit the other of a desert planet.