• E-Wing Fighter

E-Wing Fighter

It is an escort starfighter used by the New Republic. It had issues in the beginning but is capable of upgrades. It’s not as popular as other fighters. The lack of control and firepower makes it a perfect vehicle for escorting government officials.

  • Eclipse Star Destroyer

Eclipse Star Destroyer

A new and improved version of the Imperial Star Destroyer. It is big enough to block the light from any nearby star. The superlaser is top-notch and the pride of the Eclipse.

  • Enforcer One

Enforcer One

Tractor beams are the pride of the Enforcer One. It is a giant ship that has multiple lasers for the extra firepower. It is used mainly to occupy planets once they have been captured.

  • Executor


Darth Vader’s go-to flagship. It is the largest ship in the galaxy and has over 5,000 weapon emplacements. The heavy artillery it employs guarantees that it will not be defeated easily. It’s an intimidating ship used for pure evil.

  • Flurry


It is bulk-cruiser used to transport crew and cargo. The bulk-cruiser had to be transformed into a starfighter carrier. The transformation made it lighter and quicker.





  • Hapan Battle Dragon

Hapan Battle Dragon

Premier warships that have the shape similar to flying saucers. They have superior firepower with ion cannons and turbolasers. It is perfect for attacking the enemy.

  • Hound’s Tooth

Hound’s Tooth

As a modified light freighter, it was eventually turned into a flying dungeon. It had a skinning chamber for Wookie’s and humans alike. The frightening reality of entering the ship means that you may not come out alive.