• Juggernaut


It is a massive assault vehicle. It has ten wheels and is over fifteen meters high. The vehicle is impenetrable and nearly impossible to destroy. The tank-like structure can pulverize through any terrain.

  • Lady Luck

Lady Luck

A luxury yacht piloted by Lando Calrissian. It is his beloved ship that he could always count on to get through anything. The Lady Luck lived up to her name during the Return of the Jedi.

  • Marauder Corvette

Marauder Corvette

This vehicle has eight turboblasters, three tractor beam projectors, and could easily accommodate more. Very accurate during battles and handles gravity very well.

  • Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is perhaps the most beloved ship in the series. Its firepower and versatility provided an excellent ally for the Rebellion. The history of the Falcon is rich, and is the perfect vehicle for smuggling, and getting to light speed.

  • Nebulon Ranger

Nebulon Ranger

Originally a space transport vehicle. Modified for Jedi use to assist in resistance fighting. It has been blown apart and rebuilt, and still runs great. The new vehicle is perfect to conduct patrols and cause havoc to the Empire.

  • Probot


Also known as the Viper Probe Droid, is used for deep-space exploration. They are utilized by the military and are light-weight. The droids are crucial to the Empire for expanding their control over the galaxy.

  • Rebel Blockade Runner

Rebel Blockade Runner

It is also a corvette vehicle that has multiple uses. Universally used by both military and criminals for different purposes including freight hauling and escort vehicle.

  • Rebel Cruiser

Rebel Cruiser

Heavily armed frigate used by the Rebellion. Efficient against fighters and bombers, but it does have its weaknesses. The biggest issue is the cruiser is vulnerable from the front. It’s similar to the Death Star with the vulnerability factor.