• Rebel Snowspeeder

Rebel Snowspeeder

A military fighting vehicle. It uses a harpoon and tow cable for carrying cargo, but it can be useful for fighting by placing a turret in the rear. The turret is manned to fight enemies from the back.



  • Scimitar Assault Bomber

Scimitar Assault Bomber

An advanced version of the TIE Fighter. It incorporates a starfighter and bomber design for both purposes. The assault bomber is an excellent complement to the SSI-Ruuvi, providing multiple assaults.

  • Speeder Bike

Speeder Bike

A high-velocity vehicle that works perfectly in the terrain. It was an excellent addition in the Return of the Jedi. The speeder bike isn’t a military vehicle, but the design can compare to a lot of racing vehicles.

  • SSI-Ruuvi Assault Carrier

SSI-Ruuvi Assault Carrier

Warship used for space battle and invasions. It has cannons, tractor beams, and launching bays to carry out assaults. The SSI-Ruuvi is an excellent ship for invading and dealing out damage against the enemy.

  • Skipray Blastboat

Skipray Blastboat

Extra-small combat starship. Very powerful output, weapons, and shields make it a very useful ship for combat. The small design makes it a difficult target to fight. It can fly quickly and deal a lot of damage before it is detected.

  • Sun Crusher

Sun Crusher

One of the most powerful superweapons constructed. It can wipe out entire star systems, and it is nearly indestructible. The sheer power of the Sun Crusher is enough to instill fear alone.

  • Swoop


Speedster vehicle used for racing throughout the galaxy. It is tough to control and flies similar to a helicopter. The different gears and cranks are the reason it is difficult to control.


  • Tank Droid

Tank Droid

Part of the Galactic Empire’s arsenal, this automated have tread for easy travel. It was armed with cannons, turbolasers, repeating blasters and a powerful laser arm.

  • Tafanda Bay

Tafanda Bay

Herd ship city designed to hold thousands of inhabitants. Ithorian inhabited the city above their jungle planet. The ship is similar to Cloud City, but the structure and design is original.


  • TIE Bomber

TIE Bomber

A larger version of the TIE Fighter, this big bomber wasn’t shown much in the movies. It is perfect for bombing, but terrible for ship-to-ship battles. The TIE Bomber cannot compare to its cousins in a one-on-one battle.

  • TIE Crawler

TIE Crawler

As a light-armored vehicle, it was utilized by the Imperial Empire. It was a combination of the TIE Fighter and a tank. It has medium blaster cannons. The design had an interesting look that did not make it easier to control.





  • TIE/D Fighter

TIE D Fighter

A common enemy for the Rebellion, the TIE Fighter was original. It spawned numerous models. It had a problem with crashing all the time. The TIE Fighters have plenty of firepower for the Galactic Empire. Since they are better fighting in greater numbers, it makes more sense to deploy them at once.

  • V-Wing Airspeeder

V-Wing Airspeeder

A combat airspeeder to replace cloud cars. It is very quick, and light shields provided a speedy space fighter. It is a highly-important vehicle for transporting the Queen of the Alliance.

  • Wild Karrde

Wild Karrde

Heavily modified transport vehicle. It is prevalent smuggling and home base operations. It was heavily armed and an excellent machine used for raiding. It isn’t a great ship for smuggling, but the armor provides excellent protection.

  • World Devastators

World Devastators

Gigantic super weapons with powerful tractor beams that could decimate any planet. They are more efficient than your typical death star because they could target the material resources.

  • X-Wing Fighter

X-Wing Fighter

These fighters are fast, durable, and have excellent firepower. They are perfect for fighting TIE Fighters with their versatility. The iconic fighters the Alliance used are well known.

  • Y-Wing Fighter

Y-Wing Fighter

The Y-Wing is a cousin to the A/X-Wing fighters. It was created for bombing missions but is capable of dogfighting, if necessary. It is a reliable vehicle for any situation.

  • Z-95 Headhunter

Z-95 Headhunter

Private starfighter used by the government of Naboo. It has sets of triple blasters on the end of the wings. It is an agile vehicle with excellent maneuverability.

These vehicles are highly present in the films and stories. They all play a crucial in the war against good and evil. The galaxy is expanding all the time, and the number of vehicles are just a small part of the galaxy. I am sure that there will be more vehicles to talk about, especially in the future. You can find out more here.