When you think of Pokemon, your first reaction is usually not one of fear. But as it just so happens, some of the more interesting Pokemon were based off of some pretty terrifying mythology/folklore. Here is a few Pokemon that make it to the top of the list of The Horrifying Truth Behind Pokemon


At first look, Sneasel doesn’t look any more intimidating than any other type of Pokemon out there, but it’s based off of the mythical creature called Kamaitachi. The Kamaitachi is a kind of weasel that is very stealthy according to the stories. It usually travels in packs of three, and they target humans walking through the woods. As the story goes, the first of the Kamaitachi will knock you down, the second takes a chunk of your leg, and the third uses its magical saliva to heal your wounds. All of this happens so quickly that you don’t even realize it has happened, you just feel like you’ve scratched yourself as you tripped.


Mawile is another example of Pokemon that is rooted in folklore. This Pokemon was inspired by the Japanese monster called Futakuchi-onna, or “two mouthed woman.” This lore is based on a woman who didn’t eat that much food, so another mouth appeared on the back of her head. While that may not sound all the horrifying, this second mouth mumbles threatening things and demands food from the woman. If the woman doesn’t feed the second mouth, it screeches and causes the woman a great deal of pain, eventually taking it upon itself to feed itself.


Whiscash is the cutest Pokemon with an unfortunate backstory. Whiscash is based off of a giant catfish named Namazu, who has the ability to cause earthquakes. This story originated in 1855 when a massive earthquake struck Japan, leaving the frightened citizens to look for something/someone to worship so they could prevent it from happening again, thus the beginning of Namazu.


Froslass is a Pokemon that is not the most pleasing to look at, but being as it got its roots from a pretty terrifying folklore; it makes sense that the Pokemon is uneasy to look at. Froslass is based on the Japanese myth of Yuki-onna. Yuki-onna or ” snow woman” is an inhumanly beautiful woman who can appear on snowy nights and freeze travelers trapped in snowstorms. There are also stories that state she also lures weak mean to drain their blood, or freeze them with a kiss. Other stories indicate that she likes to not only wait for unsuspecting travelers but break into houses and kill the families inside.


Thundurus is based on a Shinto god named Raijin. There are also a few other Pokemon based on the gods belonging to the Shinto faith but none as creepy as this one. Raijin is the god of thunder and lightning storms; he is depicted as demon looking, and even has a demon follower to do his biddings. What makes this god scary is that during thunderstorms, this god would hide in the belly buttons of young children but in such a manner that would result in him eating the child’s stomach or abdomen.


Jynx is a Pokemon that looks like it was based on something humorous, but in reality, the backstory is much more horrifying. The Pokemon is based on an old folklore of a sinister old woman who is known as Yama-uba. She has long white hair, tattered robes, and cannibalistic tendencies. This old woman lives alone in a cabin in the icy mountains where she lures travellers so she can devour them. The most famous story about Yama-uba is the story of a young woman who is traveling back to her village so she can give birth. The woman ends up in the cabin of Yama-uba, and forced to give birth. Yama-uba is pretending to be kind to the woman while she assists with the birth because she plans to eat her child once it is born.


Sableye is a purple Pokemon that appears to have jewels for eyes, which makes it an interesting Pokemon, however, the story behind it is not only not of Japanese folklore, but it is more recent than some of the others. The story takes place in Kentucky in 1955, where a family saw a flying saucer above their farm, and then later on a few goblin-like creatures wreaking havoc around their home. While no one was injured during the incident, the creatures were unable to be harmed by the family when they tried shooting them. The creatures though small frightened the family and caused a bit of destruction on the grounds around the home.

So there you have it, not all Pokemon are creatively drawn animals, they are also deeper rooted in mythology and folklore from around the world.