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Have you ever wondered what it takes to fend off hordes of the undead? Well, look no further than this awesome Zombie Fortification Cabin. If you ever wanted to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you’ll never be more prepared than an entire kit that was designed from the ground up so that you can be picking off the undead while sitting in a lawn chair and sipping some coffee.

The Ultimate Zombie Protection

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The Zombie Fortification Cabin offers the ultimate in zombie protection. Tiger Log Cabins, a premier supplier of log cabins in the UK, put out a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds so they can do what they do best – design the best in log cabins the toolshed. Honestly, it was only a matter of time before they designed a cabin to fend off wave after wave of the flesh-eating plague.

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The Three Sections

01Each section is built independently of each other – each with a secured locked the door. That means that a zombie has to get through three locked and heavily defended barriers to get to your main stronghold. The first, smaller building is a garage with a rolling overhead garage door. We say small, but it is still large enough to house a military-grade getaway vehicle. The other building is a storage building – to make sure you store enough food, weaponry, and whatever else you may need to support you and your loved ones (provided that they haven’t turned into one of the undead) until the apocalypse is over.

FloorPlan_500The third building is your main stronghold. It is a two-story behemoth of a building that provides everything you need – a bathroom, kitchen, a living room and even a gym. Furthermore, the upper deck and gives you a 360° view of the oncoming undead. Set up a lawn chair and your automatic machine gun and then enjoy slaughtering wave after wave of the flesh eating brutes.

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The Highest Quality Features


This is no playhouse. When we say a cabin for the undead, we mean a seriously fortified building that will protect you when the time comes. The kit comes with 44 mm interlocking logs, square cut at the ends to make it difficult for the onslaught of zombies to reach the roof. The floor joists are made out of timber that has been factory fitted and pressure-treated for weatherproof application. Seriously – the best stuff available. The only thing not included is your weaponry cache and arsenal.